Film Productions

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Director:  Roxy Shih

Produced by: Caytha Jentis & Angela Pedraza

Screenwriter:  Caytha Jentis 

Genre:  Comedic Drama

POOLING TO PARADISE is a  indie comedy about a Los Angeles Uber pool that turns into a road trip to Paradise, NV for four thirty-something strangers each at a crossroads in their lives and find unexpected connection.


Director  Caytha Jentis

Produced by: Caytha Jentis & Scott Coscia

Cast: Bill Sage & Lorraine Farris

Screenwriter:  Caytha Jentis 

Genre:  Short Film 

It's April 2020; a man and a woman meet on a bench in an unusually stark Central Park while the city and its residents are grappling with life at the epicenter of the pandemic. Sirens fill the air as a constant reminder that everything has suddenly changed.


Director:  Caytha Jentis

Produced by: Caytha Jentis & Dorothy Fucito

Cast: Janeane Garofalo, Cheri Oteri, Christopher Titus, Michael Boatman

& Kristen Johnston

Screenwriter:  Caytha Jentis 

Genre:  Comedy

The One

Director:  Caytha Jentis

Screenwriter:  Caytha Jentis

Platform: Amazon

Cast: Jon Prescott

Genre:  Romantic Drama


Logline: A quick witted, edgy romantic dramedy about a young successful Manhattan investment banker living the charmed life about to marry the woman of his dreams who, a month before his wedding, meets and unexpectedly falls in love with a charismatic man from his past.


Director:  Richard Schenkman

Screenwriter:  Caytha Jentis

Platform: Amazon

Cast:  Vanessa Williams, Eartha Kitt, Anna Camp, Kevin Daniels & Ben Vereen

Genre:  Romantic Comedy


Logline:  Julie, a successful magazine columnist, opens Pandora's Box and seeks out the anonymous sperm donor who fathered her young son.

Scripts in Development

BDH v2.jpg

Screenwriter:  Caytha Jentis

Genre:  Crime Drama/Thriller

Jack and Sarah are an enviable on-the-rise power couple.  Their charmed “safe” lives are sent into a tailspin when Jack’s uninhibited sexy socialite summer intern, and a bad boy photographer from Sarah’s past lead them into a world of temptation, moral indiscretions, black mail and murder.


Screenwriter:  Caytha Jentis

Genre:  Teen Comedy


INSTA-FAMOUS follows Eve, and aspiring young actress who has just moved to Hollywood. While there, she is mistaken for a socially phobic once famous child start, and is hired to do her celebrity appearances to help revitalize her career. Eve quickly learns that faking it isn't the same as making it.


Director:  Caytha Jentis

Produced by: Caytha Jentis & Brad Hennig

Screenwriter:  Brad Hennig

Genre:  Romantic Drama


IDOLIZED is about a black rapper who enters an American Idol type of singing competition to escape his gang roots and stigma of being gay in his community. During the competltion, he falls in love with a competitor, a white former Christian singer trying to come out of the closet and make it as a pop star. The unlikely lovers have to choose between each other and winning the competition.