Pooling to Paradise

Directors:  Roxy Shih

Screenwriter:  Caytha Jentis

Platform: TBD

 Cast: Lynn Chen, Jonathan Lipnicki, Dreama Walker, Jordan Carlos & Taryn Manning

Genre:  Comedy


Logline: Pooling to Paradise is an indie comedy about a ride-share that turns into an road trip to Paradise, NV for four strangers each at a crossroads in their lives, who find unexpected connection.


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The Other F Word

Created by:  Caytha Jentis

Platform:  Amazon

Genre:  Comedy (episodic)

Cast: Stephanie Little, Reiko Aylesworth, LeeAnne Hutchison, Holly Cate, Judy Gold, Steve Guttenberg, Gilbert Gottfried, Ben Bailey & Alysia Reiner



After dropping off their last kid to college, Amy's husband impulsively quits his job, joins the Peace Corps., and leaves her shell-shocked and alone for a year.  A once content suburban stay-at-home mom, Amy moves into New York City to live with her older single sister, Diane, and with her two best friends by her side, embarks on a wry comedic coming-of-age journey.

Bad Parents

Directors:  Caytha Jentis

Screenwriter:  Caytha Jentis

Platform: HBO

 Cast: Janeane Garofalo, Cheri Oteri, Christopher Titus, Kristen Johnston & Michael Boatman

Genre:  Comedy


Logline: A suburban mom relives her season with the soccer obsessed sports parents whose outrageous "win at all costs" behavior spirals out of control.


The One

Directors:  Caytha Jentis

Screenwriter:  Caytha Jentis

Platform: TLA Releasing

Cast: Jon Prescott

Genre:  Romantic Drama


Logline: A quick witted, edgy romantic dramedy about a young successful Manhattan investment banker living the charmed life about to marry the woman of his dreams who, a month before his wedding, meets and unexpectedly falls in love with a charismatic man from his past.

And Then Came Love

Directors:  Richard Schnenkman

Screenwriter:  Caytha Jentis

Platform: Amazon - Warner Brothers

Cast: Vanessa Williams, Eartha Kitt, Anna Camp & Ben Vereen 

Genre:  Romantic Comedy


Logline: Julie, a successful magazine columnist, opens Pandora's Box and seeks out the anonymous sperm donor who fathered her young son.